Get more out of your VanMoof, with Moofer.
Moofer allows you to access previously inaccessible features of VanMoof bikes.
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How fast can my bike go with Moofer?
Moofer allows to set the speed limit up to 37 km/h (23 mph).

Please keep in mind that these may be illegal to use in certain jurisdictions. It’s the rider’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Do not use this on public roads, and use at your own risk.
Does Moofer void my warranty?
There are currently no cases reported where someone's warranty has been voided for use of Moofer.

It's highly unlikely that one's warranty will be voided in the future.
Does Moofer harm my battery?
Your bike constantly is keeping track of your battery's state. It will not allow the bike to use more power than the battery can deliver.

Moofer only uses settings that are already built into your bike, but are just hidden.
Do keep in mind that your battery may drain faster by driving faster.

Is my firmware supported?
Moofer supports all of the latest firmware versions.

If a firmware is not verified yet, you may receive a warning message. You can ignore this.
Is my bike supported?
Moofer update v3.0.0 supports the S3, X3, S2, X2, S1 and X1 bikes.

Moofer v2.3.0 supports only the S3 and X3.