Moofer v4

The all-in-one app for Electric Vehicles
Unified Experience
Seamlessly switch between your vehicles
Moofer offers you the luxury of managing multiple electric vehicles from a single account. Whether you ride a VanMoof, Cowboy, or other EVs, streamline all your ride data and settings in one intuitive interface.
Personalize Your Ride
Advanced Vehicle-Specific Features
Unlock new dimensions of your EV with Moofer’s vehicle-specific settings. From adjustable speed limits to customized bell sounds and button combinations, fine-tune your ride experience down to the smallest detail.
Stay Connected
Global Leaderboards and Achievements
Engage with a worldwide community of users through our interactive leaderboards. Earn achievements to celebrate your milestones and see how you stack up against fellow Moofers across the globe.
Always Updated
Real-Time Notifications and News
Stay in the loop with real-time push notifications and an integrated news feed. From urgent updates to community events, Moofer keeps you informed so you can focus on enjoying your ride.
Built for developers
Developer-Friendly Online API
Moofer's online API allows for endless customization and integration possibilities. Whether you're a developer or a tech-savvy rider, explore new ways to enhance your EV experience.
{ "uuid":"71d6b286-4b9b-432b-957f-c371dd22ed7d", "vin":"SVSBIM00042OA", "metadata":{ "name":"S5", "frame-odometer": 1241.2, "frame-stolen":false, "battery-charge":72 }, "status":"active", "model":{ "uuid":"f21844a2-9bfc-49fb-986c-aeb3d2c9c265", "name":"VanMoof S5 Gray", "metadata":{ "ble-profile":"ELECTRIFIED_2022", "manufacturer":"vanmoof" }, "image":true, "status":"active" }, "components":{ ...
Security and Privacy
Prioritizing Security and Privacy in Every Ride
Moofer's advanced back-end technology is built to be secure and private. Powered by AWS, Moofer's services are designed to collect as little data as possible, to respect your privacy.
Are you ready to elevate your EV experience?
Your electric vehicles hold untapped potential. Unleash the full capabilities, with Moofer.
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