Get more out of your VanMoof, with Moofer.
Moofer allows you to access previously inaccessible features of VanMoof bikes.
Taking it up a notch
Change the speed limit
and go up to 37 km/h on your bike
Navigate your way
with turn-by-turn navigation
Track your rides
follow friends and climb the leaderboard
Extra Smart features
that help you ease your ride
Speed limit
Get there faster
With Moofer, you can up the speed limit of your VanMoof to 37 km/h (23 mph).
Climb to the top
Invite friends and encourage eachother to take out the bike.
Do more
Features such as Manual Shifting, Smart Speed, Smart Range and the Foghorn bell sound are only accessible via Moofer.
Never miss a ride
The built-in troubleshooter helps you prevent and diagnose issues, so you never miss a ride.
Frequently asked questions
Does Moofer support my bike?
Moofer supports all electric VanMoof bikes. The S3, X3, S2, X2, and original Electrified S and X are all supported.
Does Moofer void my warranty?
There are currently no cases reported where someone's warranty has been voided for use of Moofer.

It's highly unlikely that one's warranty will be voided in the future.
Does Moofer harm my battery?
Your bike constantly is keeping track of your battery's state. Your bike will not allow the motor to use more power than the battery can deliver.

Do keep in mind that your battery may drain faster by riding faster.
Does Moofer support my firmware?
Moofer supports all firmware versions.
Note that both assist 5 and the 37 km/h mode are only available on firmware v1.7.6 or earlier.

If you ever need to update your firmware, you'll get a notification that you can update through the VanMoof app.
More features,
more possibilities
Speed limit setting
Unlimit your VanMoof to go up to 37 km/h.
Assist level 5
Permanently holds the boost button down.
Turn-by-turn navigation
Get where you need to go faster with the best route selector using cycle paths.
A full dashboard with speedometer, current gear, quick-setting buttons and a cadence ring.
Range estimator
See exactly when and if you need to charge.
Dark mode
View the beautiful UI without burning your eyes.
Ride tracker
Get all of the statistics of your ride, and optionally add details such as images or a description.
Worldwide leaderboard
Ride more and claim the top spot on the leaderboard.
Social profile
See how your friends are doing with rides and achievements.
Push yourself further to gather achievements.
Manual shifting
Gain control over the e-shifter via the bell- and boost button.
Extra bell sounds
Pick bell sounds that others can't.
Smart Speed
Never think about assist modes with Smart Speed, which automatically picks the best assist mode for you.
Smart Range
Never get range anxiety with Smart Range, which automatically picks the best assist mode so you make your trip.
Smart Notifications
Never get distracted on your bike with Smart Notifications, which plays your phone's notifications through your speaker.
Lock Alert
Get a notification if you ever forget to lock your bike.
Stranded Mode
If you ever get stranded with a dead battery, Stranded Mode automatically enables Manual Shifting for you.
Charge Alert
Take care of your battery's health by setting up Charge notifications.
Low Battery Alert
Get Low Battery Alerts so you never forget to charge.
Multiple Language support
Change the app's language to English, Dutch, German or French.
News and events
Get the latest news right there in the app.
Push notifications
Never miss a beat with on- and offline push notifications.
Fix your problems right on the spot with the built-in troubleshooter.
In-app support chat
Ask for help if you ever get stuck.
Are you ready to get more out of your VanMoof?
Your VanMoof can do much more than you can image. Unlock the full potential of the bike now.